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We imagine a world where contagious generosity revives, 
renews and empowers people and organizations.                
We acknowledge that we have been blessed beyond measure 
and we are committed to compassionately, strategically, 
and sometimes extravagantly blessing others.

The “One” Campaign- Won & Done

The “One” Campaign

Won & Done!

I think I heard a HUGE APPLAUSE & CHEER from Heaven last night when we tied the bow on a 49-day campaign that marked their parents’ lifetime journey of Love & Generosity.


Two young millennials catch the gift of generosity from their parents. These two make all the difference when they decide to do something generous with part of their inheritance.

This ONE campaign would never have happened if not for this ONE family’s legacy. This little campaign would never have happened because, after all, we are in the days of Covid, but alas, these young donors inspired us all. And look what that inspiration has done. Above and beyond anything that we could have hoped or imagined.


$57,030 raised in 49 days.

Who WON:

All the children, women, and families represented by the charities each received one-third of the gifts given.

Inner Hope, Wellspring and Opportunity

Those parents now residing in heaven but who, while on earth, sowed amazing seeds in their children’s fertile hearts and minds. Their lifetime of generosity living on, generation to generation.

The donors said YES and gave generously.

There is a saying these days, and it is true. We are truly IN this together.

Hope, Faith & Love coupled with Kindness, Compassion & Generosity

means we ALL WIN!

The One Campaign is Won & DONE!

Everyone wins!

The “One” Campaign

Kindness, Compassion & Joy… the days we are living in right now are marked by that one kind word, one meaningful gesture, or one thoughtful gift. The Joyful Living Joyful Giving Foundation has recently received One Gift that will make a difference. This gift bears witness that one person, one couple, one family can be the difference and make a difference for many.

Vicki & Peter Dueck’s children and grandchildren have provided a legacy gift of $24,000 that will be used as a matching gift over 49 days.

Forty-nine days mark the number of years of Vicki & Peter’s love story.  Both from humble beginnings, Vicki (Ray’s sister) and Peter always had hearts as big as the sky for that one child that didn’t have a place to call home, or that one family that didn’t have enough food for the week or that one lost or forgotten stray animal. They never had much, but they always had enough for just one more.

In keeping with their legacy and honouring them, their family have asked us to launch a simple campaign beginning on Peter Dueck’s birthday, May 4th concluding, and it seems fitting on Father’s Day, June 21,  49 days later.

One gift given will honour these lives well lived.

All gifts are given, whether $1, $10, $100, $1000 or $10,000, will receive a 2nd Edition pair of Joyful Living Socks as a keepsake.

The total amount received will be divided equally to three of Vicki, Peter & Ray’s favourite organizations that are currently embodying what Kindness, Compassion & Joy look like as we live through these history-making days pandemic.

The Wellspring Foundation

Inner Hope

Opportunity International

You can make your gift online at

Donate Now Through CanadaHelps.org!

 or you can mail your cheque to

Joyful Living Joyful Giving Foundation  PO Box 12019, RPO Murrayville, Langley, BC V2Y 0M6