The One Campaign – “One Sock Story”

Jocelyn’s Story

“I love helping charities that support hardworking people with great business ideas who just need a little bit of help.”  This was 15-year-old Jocelyn’s response when asked why she wanted to be part of the One Campaign.  We chatted back and forth – the way most teenagers do these days – text style. We talked about design ideas and what would be meaningful and represent the wishes of my nephew & niece, Josh & Jolene, who wanted to honour their parent’s lifetime of generosity.  Of course, JOY was at the center. Peter & Vickie Dueck took great JOY in helping, giving and sharing what they had with others, even when they only had a little. So, JOY was the centrepiece.

With all the creative things that have been happening across Canada – the idea of capturing that word on a ROCK was also representative of both the time we are living through and who they were as a couple. Solid.

Jocelyn loves the outdoors – the idea of being in nature, camera in hand, is her happy place. So away this young artist went – brush in hand and a clear focus on the word JOY. She admits that the beauty of plants, the wonder of the animals, and even bugs’ creativity are her inspiration for new art projects. IDEAS were aplenty, so she ended up painting five different variations – the one we landed on had so much meaning. Little did Jocelyn know the significance of butterflies to the Dueck family, but one is painted on her rock.

I imagined her holding this rock in her hands, just the way you might imagine caring for a precious jewel. We asked her dad to take a picture of it at that moment, and that became the genesis of this little caricature for the ONE Campaign limited edition signature sock.


  • One family’s generosity has literally been multiplied and will impact hundreds of others;
  • One young girl’s giftedness will be now worn by many;
  • One gift – your gift – will literally bring hope & life to children and families in Colombia, Rwanda, and Vancouver’s east side.

I know ONE GUY who would be really glad that we didn’t waste this pandemic. That was what he taught us all on his way outta here – don’t waste anything.

And so, we didn’t!

PS: What happened to those rocks that Jocelyn painted? Well, they all got a great clear coat finish and have landed up right back where they started – outside in the garden!

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