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October 2022 will mark five years since Ray left us. But, for my friend Marlene, December will mean ten years on her own. I am so grateful for Marlene, who is five years ahead of me on this widowing journey and has had my back from the beginning. 

Biking became our go-to for our mental, physical, and spiritual well-being during the long, lonely days of Covid. We have cycled almost 6000KM since the beginning of this crazy pandemic. One of the things I told Ray I would tackle after he left was the Camino de Santiago. Marlene and I planned to go in 2020, but, well…you know. When the Canadian Camino 700KM Walk or Ride came on our radar a few months back, we thought, let’s do it.

Let’s not just ride – let’s make it an even bigger challenge – let’s raise $100,000 to honour our guys and to encourage two charities that they loved. THE FIRST $40,000 WILL BE MATCHED!

The Joyful Living Joyful Giving Foundation is thrilled to support a couple of charities close to their hearts, the Investing Hope Foundation in Colombia, and Inner Hope Youth Ministries in downtown Vancouver. 

Ray helped found the Investing Hope Foundation and was thrilled to serve on the inaugural board. He loved the mission of empowering principled entrepreneurial youth, giving them hope and a future, and helping them break the cycle of chronic poverty.

John was engaged in the early days as a mentor to Inner Hope Youth Ministries in East Vancouver. He was passionate about their commitment to nurture hope and provide wrap-around support for youth and their families.  

Our ten-day adventure begins on August 5th in Charlottetown, PEI. Somehow, someway, we think a version of Ray & John will be riding with us. 

Thank you for joining us on the Ride for Hope as we remember Ray & John and raising awareness and funding for the Investing Hope Foundation in Colombia and Inner Hope Youth Ministries in Vancouver! 


PS: thanks to the Joyful Living Joyful Giving Foundation – Ray Olafsen’s legacy.  100% of all funds raised will be shared with the two charities except for admin fees charged by Canada Helps to process donations.  

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